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 "... for the positive service I have received from E.M.S. The upfront quotes you have provided over the telephone for chroming of our hydraulic cylinder rods, have been very helpful to me for quoting to my customers. If the upfront quote is not accurate due to the particular job I needed done by your company, you have always been prompt in getting back to me with an updated cost of repair once your shop has had a chance to inspect the parts.

The jobs you have done for our shop have always been on time, and the quality of work has been excellent."


Jim Morrill

Earthmoving Shop Super.

Milton Cat

Richmond, Vt.

Hydraulic Cylinders

When your Hydraulic Cylinders are leaking oil, E.M.S has the expert technicians who can diagnose the problem ranging from worn seals to scored rods to damaged glands and anything in between!


CNC Machining

Hydraulic Breakers

 We at E.M.S. provide precise
CNC machining. Any metal, make, mold, size,
or brand, we can make at a fraction
of the cost 
So before you reorder, give us a call, and let us show you what E.M.S. can do for you!


 We at E.M.S. have the expertise and capability to rebuild or remanufacture your hammer back to o.e.m. spec.'s at 50% below the cost of new! Parts like pistons, front heads, upper and lower bushings, tie rods and cylinders that are rebuilt at a fraction of the cost!

Depend on our experts to get your equipment back to manufacturers spec.'s in 2-3 days turn-around time and save you 50% below the cost of new!


We Are A Complete Machine Shop Facility!


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At E.M.S. we understand the economy is not as it should be. When equipment breaks down, cost's to replace equipment and downtime are unprofitable.

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Emergency Machine Service

Press Work

Precision Honing



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" The M. Alfieri Co., Inc. owns a fleet of heavy equipment construction machines. E.mergency M.achine S.ervice has completed various repairs on the equipment.

E.mergency M.achine S.ervice has demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding of all aspects of their trade and the M. Alfieri Co., Inc. will continue to use the services of E.mergency M.achine S.ervice in the future."

Very truly yours,

Nate Stone

Project Manager

M. Alfieri Co., Inc.

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