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Hydraulic Cylinders

E.M.S. has highly trained technicians who have the tools and the know-how to recondition your hydraulic cylinders. We do repacking, precision honing, retreading, machine polishing, and welding to get your cylinders back on the job,

so you can get back on the job!

When we receive your equipment in our shop, our technicians will completely disassemble your equipment for examination and a complete diagnosis. After this process we will contact our customer, with an estimate for repairs and explain to them our diagnosis. We will quote them with a price guaranteed to be at least 50% below the cost of new. If at this time they are not completely satisfied with the quote, we will reassemble the equipment and return it to them all in one piece, not in pieces, like some other hydraulic shops do.

After receiving an approved quote E.M.S. will return your equipment within 2-3 days fully repaired and ready to get back to work!

We are able to match up complete seal kits, even on hard to get or obsolete kits.

Reconditioned Hydraulic Cylinders by E.M.S.

When hydraulic cylinders are leaking oil, this can not only cause environmental problems, this can also cause problems ranging from reduced systems performance to control valves and hydraulic pump failures. Also the downtime associated with hydraulic oil leaks can be expensive.

These leaks can sometimes even be caused by something so minor as a small pebble that comes into contact with your chrome

plated rod.

Leaking Hydraulic Cylinders

E.M.S. is a Christian Based Business

 Phil. 4:19 "My God shall supply all my needs, according to his riches in glory!"





Free 2nd Seal-Kit

When Repairing Two (2) Cylinders

Free Seal-Kit Must Be of Equal or Lesser Value.