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                                  BADLY WORN AND SCORED RODS    



Whenever your hydraulic piston rods are worn, pitted, or scored, it's a very good chance your seals are getting damaged.There are many different variables that can cause your rods to end up in this condition.Leaving them in this condition, will just further damage your seals,causing your hydraulic cylinder to leak oil.This is not only dangerous to the enviorment, but is also affecting your hydraulic flow system.In the long run this will end up costing more money and down time.




E.M.S. offers hard industrial chrome plating.Chrome plating gives you a rod that will last 2 to 1 against a manufactured rod. We provide you with a layer of chrome instead of a flash.By chrome plating instead of rerodding the rod, you will save money and will last longer. We have the abilities to weld and machine your rods back to o.e.m. specs.In some circumstances, we can even straighten a bent rod.We can also machine a new shaft for the bent rods beyond repair.Chrome plating is a 3-4 day process, and we can even give you an estimate over the phone.We guarentee to be at least 50% below the cost of new.